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  • December 15, 2018


An audio brand for Alpine energy

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In the northernmost point of Italy, close to its borders with Austria and Switzerland, lies South Tyrol. Harnessing a mixture of Italian and Germanic cultural heritage, the province is situated entirely in the Alps, lending South Tyrol a unique and picturesque environment suited to skiing, hiking and sightseeing. It is, perhaps, not the most obvious location for a renewable energy powerplant. Yet from here, around 225,000 customers in the South Tyrol region are supplied with electricity and gas through energy provider Alperia.

Formed at the end of 2016 from the merger of energy companies Etschwerke (AEW Energie) and SEL AG, Alperia now owns seven hydropower plants in the South Tyrol region, with a 77% stake in two remaining plants. Following a redevelopment of Alperia’s visual identity, naming process and brand positioning by the Dusseldorf office of global design studio MetaDesign, Berlin-based audio brand and brand experience agency why do birds has created a unique audio brand for Alperia. With an entirely renewable energy offering, why do birds has utilised Alperia’s unique proposition to create a soundscape that highlights its location – yet is familiar enough to reassure customers, old and new alike, of the brand’s credentials.

For Dr Stefan Stabler, head of corporate communication at Alperia, the company’s new audio offering reflects the environmentally-friendly nature of the Alperia brand while avoiding the harsh industrial tropes often associated with energy firms. Indeed, the firm’s 100% commitment to renewal energy gave why do birds the opportunity to reject such clichés altogether. “Why do birds has managed to capture our brand essence by means of sounds and tone sequences, thus giving the brand a new sensual facet,” says Stabler. “[Alperia is] especially pleased that we can create a pleasant sound atmosphere for our customers and still sound dynamically energetic."

Alperia’s unique focus on hydropower, too, created an opportunity for Why Do Birds to experiment with a natural, harmonious brand sound. Alexander Wodrich, managing director of why do birds, says, "We were thrilled by the cooperation with Alperia. The company relies 100% on renewable energies, with a special focus on hydropower.” For Wodrich, the mountainous influences meant Alperia’s new sound logo and brand music, as well as dubbing of cinema spots and various product films, creates Alpine imagery of flowing rivers and bright, sunlight mornings. “Our audio branding sounds like a mountain spring and water running over stones,” explains Wodrich, “ – always with the sun in sight."

Alperia does not just deal in hydropower, however. Operating biomass cogeneration plants and with further involvement in photovoltaic systems, a wind farm and interest in expanding the infrastructure for electric vehicles in South Tyrol sees the brand set to expand still further. Considering the success forged from the current partnerships,  Alperia and why do birds will continue to work together to develop Alperia’s audio branding offering throughout 2018.

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Alperia Brand Music from why do birds on Vimeo.