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  • June 20, 2019


Antonino Lupo

Firefox transforms to build privacy and customer focus into its identity


Firefox has announced a new logo for its existing range of products, from web browser to mobile apps, building its new identity on the importance of privacy for end consumers. To...

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Fulham Palace’s new identity reveals time in layers of history


London’s Fulham Palace has a history going back thousands of years. Creative agency Design Culture has conceived a new brand identity to introduce it to the public, allowing the palace to move an important step towards brand...

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Dubai International Airport rebrands as cultural hub


One of the world’s busiest airports repositions as a centre for culture, hospitality and entertainment. Dubai International Airport has unveiled a rebrand by design consultancy L...

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Petbarn rebrand embraces pets’ peculiar personalities


Petbarn has partnered with Landor to design its rebrand, bringing the company closer to the furry friends at the heart of the brand. Specialty pet care retailer Petbarn has annou...

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Unicef’s Marble collective democratises big data

8. Marble Case Study, designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie.jpg

Unicef has partnered with design consultancy Jones Knowles Ritchie to design Marble, a collective aiming to repurpose big data for the public good. The visual identity employs playful animations to simplify scientific finding...

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Coca-Cola draws from its origins to launch range of dark spirit mixers

CCSM dark spirit.jpeg

Coca-Cola has entered the dimension of dark spirits with its first ever range of mixers, dubbed ‘Signature Mixers.’ After a decade-long rise in clear spirit consumption, dark spi...

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Round Table pulls new identity out of the oven


Round Table’s rebrand looks at the origins of the company and blends them with modernity, using negative space and blackletter to present a fun and engaging identity. Pizza compa...

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Dairylea rebrand develops company’s daring identity

56021008_1l_Dairylea_Cheese_20s_with _intro_sfx_v4_00410.jpeg

Dairylea’s new name echoes the brand’s bold and adventurous voice with an injection of fun. More than 8m packs of Mondelez’s Dairylea have gone through a change of name, as part...

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Adidas designs uniforms for new Premier Lacrosse League


Adidas’ uniforms for the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) blend old-school design with modernism, introducing radical concepts to elevate each team’s identity. Adidas has announced...

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Paris Catacombs rebrand brings skulls and crossbones to the surface


Paris introduces a brand for its underground ossuaries, showing creative use of negative space. With a project conceived by French design agency Mo-To, the Paris Catacombs have a...

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