• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2019



Opinion: "Putting values at the heart of business strategy"

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An employer brand strategy is essential for engagement. Jeff Sindone uses HSBC's business strategy, HSBC NOW, as an example In today's world, employee satisfaction isn't enough....

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Opinion: "Successful transformation requires thorough planning and consistent implementation"

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Although often overlooked, implementation planning is a key part of any rebrand process, says David Graham Designing a new brand is exciting. A new logo is unveiled to a round of...

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Opinion: "What’s that coming over the hill?" says Duncan Shaw

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Law firms are getting bolder with their brand strategies. Duncan Shaw sees digital as the key to differentiation in an increasingly competitive sector It might not scare everyone...

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Opinion: "Defining moments lead to compelling brand stories"

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What does being a storyteller really mean for brands? Thackway McCord says that narrative can translate strategy from abstract intent to tangible action. There’s a lot of talk th...

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Opinion: "Fonts are core brand assets" says Bruno Maag


Many languages lack the good-quality fonts that Western markets take for granted. Bruno Maag sees this as an opportunity for courageous brands to allow customers access to their fonts, benefiting communities and driving brand...

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Opinion: "Should brands be led by coherence?" Dan Bobby asks

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Brands strive for consistency, but what's really needed in the digital age is coherence. Dan Bobby argues for a shift in the way brands are built There exists inevitable debate a...

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Opinion: Neil Taylor asks, "How can brand language facilitate stakeholder relations?"

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When writing terms and conditions and dealing with legal language, there are fewer limitations than most communicators think. Tone of voice isn’t just for branding types, says The Writer’s Neil Taylor...

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Opinion: "How can you create shareable content for charities with a low budget?"


Francesca Aries outlines how charities are discovering cost-effective ways to deliver campaigns, which deliver rewards for their limited investment. Today, charities are facing m...

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Opinion: How can brand build reputation in the financial sector?


Though the recession is waning, tough times are still in store for financial services brands. With the pressures of the global economy affecting business in Russia, VTB Capital has had to focus on a strategic communications p...

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Opinion: How can a brand stand out and build a set of brand crown jewels?


The word ‘iconic’ is often bandied around with reference to pack design – and it is frequently overused. Genuine icon status, such as is attributable to the Coca-Colas, McDonalds, Nikes and Marlboros of the marketing world is...

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