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  • February 18, 2019



Opinion: Neil Taylor asks, "How can brand language facilitate stakeholder relations?"

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When writing terms and conditions and dealing with legal language, there are fewer limitations than most communicators think. Tone of voice isn’t just for branding types, says The Writer’s Neil Taylor...

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Opinion: "How can you create shareable content for charities with a low budget?"


Francesca Aries outlines how charities are discovering cost-effective ways to deliver campaigns, which deliver rewards for their limited investment. Today, charities are facing more...

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Opinion: How can brand build reputation in the financial sector?


Though the recession is waning, tough times are still in store for financial services brands. With the pressures of the global economy affecting business in Russia, VTB Capital has had to focus on a strategic communications pr...

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Opinion: How can a brand stand out and build a set of brand crown jewels?


The word ‘iconic’ is often bandied around with reference to pack design – and it is frequently overused. Genuine icon status, such as is attributable to the Coca-Colas, McDonalds, Nikes and Marlboros of the marketing world is...

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Opinion: When is a brand strategy not a brand strategy?


There’s a pattern to many branding projects. From global powerhouses to plucky start-ups, there’s a bell curve that most experienced brand agencies will recognise all too well; from optimism and confidence to inevitable rebran...

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Opinion: How can brands survive in the age of the driverless car?


With driverless cars now being trialled from Milton Keynes to California, the automotive industry is set to face its biggest revolution in the past 100 years. At last month’s CES in...

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Opinion : Where to next for luxury?


Roger Gray, Brash Brands Beginning in 2009, handbag icon Louis Vuitton launched a campaign to connect digitally with customers around the globe, complete with a mobile app to share travel stories – and show off luggage – and a filmmaking com...

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Opinion: Brand language


Sholto Lindsay-Smith, Industry We recently took our team on an away day from the office to experience a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) course on voice. If you are an introvert like me, it would have been an excruciating day, but the fo...

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Opinion: ‘Place’ not space


Gideon Wilkinson, Endpoint The UAE is undergoing development of an unprecedented scale and size. A multitude of urban, leisure, cultural and infrastructure developments are ongoing in the region. Dubai will host the World Expo 2020 which is...

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Opinion: Pairing purpose and profit: Building brands that make a difference


Stuart Harris, Tonic International Social enterprises – those companies that have social impact (such as improving education, providing access to clean water or, in some small way, improving the quality of life on this planet) built into the...

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