• Transform magazine
  • February 18, 2019



Shortlist announced for 2019 Employer Brand Management Awards


Successful companies are those that focus their efforts and energy on a strong employer brand. Strategies that are creative, targeted and authentic to the organisation will reap the benefits of a hardworking, effective workfor...

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Future CX event explores future of engagement


2019 will be a year of new customer experience trends. An event hosted by digital engagement platform Orlo explores the future of brand communication. Speakers from top brands includ...

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Milkman model used by P&G to promote environmental sustainability


With consumers piling the pressure on companies to be more mindful of environmental issues and reduce plastic waste, major brands have partnered with new platform Loop to introduce reusable packaging....

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Macmillan unveils major new brand strategy and campaign


Macmillan’s brand mission has for many years been to connect the charity’s services with the people who need them. It is estimated that by 2030, around 4 million people in the UK are expected to be living with cancer, many of...

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#TransformTuesday: 29 January


Every week, Transform examines recent rebrands and updated visual identities. This week's picks are below. For more from #TransformTuesday, follow @Transformsays...

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Lightwave launches new series of ‘Smart’ animations

Lightwave Animations1.jpg

The ‘Smarts’ are the stars of Lightwave’s new online campaign, blending simplicity of style with the company’s hi-tech devices and applications. Stop-motion and family life come toge...

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Fun-filled design meets FMCG strategy in Livia's rebrand


Today, Livia's announced a major rebrand and repositioning. In an exclusive with Transform magazine, Family (and friends)'s Derek Johnston talks about the retail packaging strategy and design used in the Livia's rebrand...

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Molson portfolio draws on heritage, visual equity in rebrand


Branding Canadian national icons can be so straightforward as to lead to cliché. The country’s simple, iconic maple leaf flag allows its companies to tap into that brand equity with ease. Yet, everything from its sports teams...

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Tech and luxury brands show their strength in Global 500


One is an Italian heritage brand with strong global recognition, a limited consumer base and a small number of brand extensions. The other is an American digital giant with strong market penetration, a huge consumer base and a...

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Music sets the stage for theatre company rebrand


For most national arts companies, there is a logical home venue, a landmark of sorts to help attract attendees and build awareness. But, that model may preclude an audience beyond those already interested in theatre from atten...

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