• Transform magazine
  • June 28, 2017



Endpoint field guide to the built environment: Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram 02.jpg

The Dubai Tram was a massive physical infrastructure project that required a considered approach to the design of the built environment, wayfinding and signage in order to best communicate with the tram’s users. Brittany Golo...

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Spotlight on Time Out


Time Out’s longstanding presence in London and 107 other cities stems from its original mission and adherence to the values its audiences hold dear. Amy Sandys delves into the archives, and modern rebrand, of the global magaz...

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Sustainable futures: The Body Shop


Known for its ethical trading and business practices, the Body Shop’s commitment to sustainability is a quality imbued throughout the entirety of the organisation. How have its policies changed the cosmetics sector as a whole...

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Expectations on digital experience


It is not enough to simply have a website anymore. Brands have to consider their online experiences to best communicate with their audiences and to create a consistent brand across physical, digital and other touchpoints. Emi...

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Place branding: Morocco

Mor Summer.jpg

With countless experiences and an authentic global brand, Morocco is a successful tourist destination. But positioning that offer to English-speaking audiences required a new brand that could effectively depict and promote Mo...

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Timeline: Penguin Random House

1991 Everyman library.jpg

Penguin Random House merged in 2013 to form one of the world’s largest publishing groups. Its combined logo transformed from that of a placeholder to a stylish wordmark in its own right. But both organisations have grown thro...

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Start the music


Music has traditionally been a secondary consideration for brand managers and agencies. Audio branding is changing that. Steve Keller, CEO of iV2 audio branding shares key insights on the value of music, sound and audio brand...

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Rewind: Life magazine


Life magazine was a long-time champion of world-class photojournalism. But its closure preceded the 2008 recession and the wholesale demise of many global publications. Could Life have been revived through a brand repositioni...

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Spotlight on W


New UKTV channel W has set out to redefine television branding in Britain. Amy Sandys examines the new brand and its unique approach to positioning Beginning to broadcast televis...

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Brand experience: PNC Financial


To educate children about finance, American financial services company PNC uses its Christmas Price Index to create brand experiences that promote the brand’s reputation, engage children and educators in banking and explore y...

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