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  • March 23, 2017



Going in circles

Circular economy.jpg

At a recent roundtable discussion, the Clearing explored the circular economy and the changes businesses will make in terms of sustainability to compete in the future. The Clearing’s strategy director Nick Liddell examines th...

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Answers on a postcard

Lithuania nature.jpg

‘Lithuania is grand city skylines.’ So reads the first line of global publication, Lonely Planet’s, introduction to the Baltic state. Situated in northern Europe, Lithuania has Latvia to its north, and Poland and Belarus to i...

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Hygge season


Safe and familiar yet delightfully kitsch, Denmark presents an aspirational foreign identity of the Nordic block to visitors from across the globe. Despite the often dreary weath...

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An exercise in unbranding

12. camden-market-logo.png

Situated in north London, between the terraced mews of Highgate and transport hubs of Kings Cross and Euston, sits Camden. Culturally significant with a famous art, music and nightlife scene, Camden has boasted some of the bi...

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Place branding: Lagos, Nigeria


The Nigerian boomtown of Lagos located on the Gulf of Guinea is fast becoming the economic and cultural hub of west Africa. Has the city’s massive growth hindered its ability to develop a consistent, cohesive nation brand? Am...

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Importance of the place brand


Once dubbed ‘nation branding’, marketing a specific area towards a target demographic has widened to encompasses places on every scale. From nation, to region, to city, and even individual building, successfully branding and...

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Oh, the places you'll go


Budget airlines’ brands have been built upon the destinations that they serve. How do the companies themselves work with partners in the travel and tourism trade to support each other’s communications and brand awareness? Amy...

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Soft power dreams


There is a strong relationship between international sporting events like the Olympics and nation brand value. How does the legacy of those events impact the value of a nation brand and the reputation of the host country or c...

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Driving a heritage brand

Ed Welburn.jpg

“I have always had the philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to explore, to dream, to envisage things no-one ever asked for.” So says Ed Welburn, former VP global...

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Reaching a common goal


Corporate and consumer brands are traditionally separate – in terms of tactics, teams and objectives. But that line is shifting as a new breed of company emerges, forcing the two to merge. Does this allow companies to achieve...

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