• Transform magazine
  • February 18, 2019



Opinion: Don't wait to rebrand


Right now, it might seem like a bad idea to rebrand. But organisations have a lot to gain from taking risks and adapting to rapidly changing customer demands. What can a rebrand offer your organisation, inside and out? Paulina...

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Insights: Swords, pigs and pesticides

Paul_LR_SocialMedia (1).jpg

At the Transform Awards Europe 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development will be celebrated. Brand communications agency We Launch is one of those shortlisted for the awards...

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Opinion: The challenger mentality

Natalie Redford.jpg

Shifts in the retail landscape see former category-leading retailers stagnate in the face of vibrant, disruptive brands. How can established brands learn from this challenger mentality and deliver something new to the market?...

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Opinion: Your brand and voice

Marcel Kornblum.jpg

As the trend for voice-activated purchasing grows, brands must prepare for change. Marcel Kornblum examines the opportunity voice technology lends to brand managers, across all sectors...

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Opinion: Rebranding the retirement sector

Mark Davis.jpg

With the retirement housing sector the preserve of stale branding and lacklustre design, developers fail to capture the attention of a lucrative demographic. Mark Davis examines how retirement housing can address its image pro...

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Opinion: It’s time the charity sector stopped living up to its reputation

a scott.png

With trust in organisations continuing to decrease, charities have a unique opportunity to rebuild their reputations. How can they improve their brands through good communications? T...

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Opinion: What is impact branding?


Impact branding – a concept and approach developed by Capital Communications that applies the priorities and metrics of impact investing to branding and corporate or organisational identity – addresses worldwide problems for C...

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Opinion: Can brands disrupt disruption?


From this year’s Transform Awards North America, Matt Walsh from Salt Branding discusses the impact disruption has on brands and customer behaviour Few words in business are loaded w...

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Opinion: How to relaunch an icon


In a tougher beer market, how can one global, heritage brand fight the trend against all that is new and local? By repositioning itself to emphasise its freshness, originality and character. Martin Flavin discusses the Carlsbe...

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Opinion: Should brands be rethinking radio?

Michael Walbach MD CMG BW.jpg

Once revolutionary, radio has been relegated to the back burner since the rise of digital, broadcast and social media. But, is radio ready for a resurgence? Michael Walbach examines successful brand campaigns using radio...

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