• Transform magazine
  • October 21, 2018



Opinion: How do brands measure the emotional value of design?

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We are living in an age in which measurement is top of every marketer’s agenda. It’s no surprise that even in the design world, clients are becoming much more analytical about the value of rebranding. Whether it’s measuring a...

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Insights: Creating the mental map


At the Transform Awards Europe 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Whybrow is one of this year's winners Wayfinding (or ‘wayshowing’ as some people ref...

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Five minutes with Gareth Rutter

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As brand and experience converge, what customers expect from brands is changing too. How can brands go beyond digital to add value and create a holistic experience? Gareth Rutter, creative director at Household Design, explain...

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Insights: Creating a premium wayfinding experience for Harrods

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At the Transform Awards Europe 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Endpoint is one of this year's winners How many department stores get a footfall of...

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Opinion: What impact do acquisitions have on brand architecture?

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The rationale behind most high-profile acquisitions is usually evident – to bolster technological capabilities, integrate vertically or expand into new categories, among them. How do these acquisitions fit into a company's exi...

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Insights: Every branding problem you can think of – in one client

GW+Co - gilmar wendt.png

Over the last two years, we’ve worked on just about any B2B branding problem you can have – with one client, in one field. The client was Zumtobel Group, one of the largest players in the global lighting industry....

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Transform Awards MENA shortlist celebrates best in brand


The Transform Awards MENA 2018 unveils its most diverse shortlist ever. Over the past five years, the branding industry in the Middle East and north Africa has reached every sector and industry, allowing heritage brands, start...

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Transform Awards Europe winners represent best in European branding

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One of the Transform Awards Europe winners had the most successful airline launch of all time. Another redefined a neighbourhood for the better. Another still took a thriving music community and revitalised the business behind...

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Opinion: What's on the inside matters too

Helen Rosethorn.jpg

Brands may engage with target consumers, but just how relevant are they to their employees? The employer brand strategy must demand the same attention as the consumer brand, says Helen Rosethorn, partner at Prophet...

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Insights: The power of the brand logo

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In an era in which audiences shift, channels proliferate, and expectations evolve faster than ever before, what does it take to maintain the iconic status of a brand? Brands and logo...

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