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  • August 20, 2018



Opinion: A 360-degree approach to advocacy is needed

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Once perceived as a bit slow and ‘old school,’ European and international associations have transformed over recent years into effective advocacy and lobbying tools for its members. Advocacy is key. Not only externally – but a...

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Timeline: Caterpillar


From the early days of heavy duty vehicles to becoming one of the world’s most trusted construction brands, Caterpillar has built its brand from dirt and metal, innovation and the colour yellow. How has its brand evolved along...

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Opinion: The art of FMCG brand architecture

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Just like its more widely understood sibling – physical architecture – brand architecture is all about making things work. It’s about helping our brains to rapidly decode brands and products. And it’s about using design to ens...

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Insights: Sound, a brand experience superglue

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At the Transform Awards MENA 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Massive music is one of this year's sponsors There is something exciting going on in t...

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Insights: Creating legacy matters

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At the Transform Awards MENA 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Greenspace is one of this year's winners Short-term thinking has two major evolutionar...

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Brand in action: Deliveroo


Deliveroo pilots ski and snowboard delivery service in Scotland's snowy highlands Who: DeliverooWhat: Near Glen Coe, considered one of the most photographed locations in Scotland, li...

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Insights: New thinking on the future of workspaces

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At the Transform Awards Europe 2018, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Pollitt & Partners is one of this year's winners If we were once defined by our work...

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Designing sound

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Crafting an audio brand requires a similar holistic, comprehensive approach as does creating a visual brand. Alexander Wodrich, MD of why do birds, discusses the impact a cohesive audio brand can have on a wider brand system...

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Rewind: Blockbuster


A former household name, poor customer experience and inflexibility in its brand resulted in end credits for Blockbuster. What changes would brand experts make if they could have saved the chain?...

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Brands make a big impact at 2018 Transform Awards MENA

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The impact of branding on the consumer is apparent – billboards and signage, construction placards, retail experiences, new product packaging, fresh restaurant interiors, updated digital experience – but the impact of branding...

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