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  • April 23, 2018


Glassdoor rebrand brings human side to job hunting

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Before the digital age, job hunting meant flicking through pages at the back of the local newspaper to find employment opportunities. How employers looked after their employees was usually confined the workplace; new recruits could do very little pre-employment research. In 2017, the internet age has gone beyond easing the pain of job searching by allowing employees to review their workplace online. Leading employer review website, Glassdoor, has updated its visual identity to bring its already modern offering into an even more advanced age.

Glassdoor’s in-house creative team, along with US-based cultural and technological branding agency Nelson Cash, has developed a fresh identity for the review site. The rebrand project aims to optimise the site for digital and social media usage, while bringing a human side to Glassdoor’s offering. The rebrand is both consumer- and corporate-facing, with Glassdoor’s new website and mobile apps refreshed at the same time as its corporate logo and branding.

Launching online in 2008, Glassdoor’s mission has always been to inform potential employees about the culture and experience of working for their chosen company. Its logotype reflects this, depicting the glass door after which the company is named – synonymous with the transparency, openness and welcoming environment one might expect from a relaxed office atmosphere.

Chief marketing officer at Glassdoor, Moody Glasgow, says, “For nearly a decade, Glassdoor has been bringing greater transparency to jobs and companies across the globe. With our refreshed brand and website, we aim to bring the human side of job searching front and centre to better connect the right people with the right companies.”

“To us, this isn’t just a new logo or an updated colour – this new design is part of our promise to create a more trusted, helpful and engaging experience for people everywhere.”

And for Glasgow and Glassdoor, the experience offered by Glassdoor is confined not just to critically-minded employees. The latest rebrand also aims to reflect the changing ways in which employers are using the site, as a place to attract and retain high-calibre talent. Glasgow says, “More than 40 percent of US employees plan to look for a job in the next year and Glassdoor is the first and last place people should visit to search for a job, and do research about a company or career opportunity.”

Glasgow continues, “Our new look is wrapped into our intrinsic value proposition – all the jobs plus valuable insights from employees on the inside to help people find a job and company they love, that fits their life.”

Partnering with around 100,000 companies, including 5,800 employer clients, Glassdoor’s employer brand offering reflects in both its external and internal culture. The contemporary job search and employment review experience offered by Glassdoor is no doubt changing the future of the workplace employee landscape – its latest brand reinforces consumer trust in the business.


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