• Transform magazine
  • October 23, 2018


Food, glorious food


With pictures of handcrafted dishes and almost art-worthy plates of food, the Galloping Gourmet’s website is a wealth of colour and taste. The new brand ensures the food and drink the caterer provides is highlighted across all touchpoints

Sedley Place, a London-based design and brand consultancy, worked with Galloping Gourmet and Country House Wedding Venues, the catering company’s sister business, to redefine the brand. Sedley Place carried out research into the sector and target market to better understand the needs of the brand and the mindset of its partners and customers. Following that, a new brand was introduced featuring new marketing material, a new website and a fresh strapline, ‘Your dream wedding partner.’

Simon Robson, Galloping Gourmet’s founder, says, “We engaged Sedley Place to provide its independent view of our business and then reimagine what was required to support our continuing development. The team employed a great deal of energy and expertise getting to know our people, product and audience. This then informed an impressive step-by-step creative process reviewing everything from our logo and accompanying strap-lines through to our menus, literature, tone of voice and (the current work in progress) our web-site and social media development. It’s been a tremendous and good-spirited partnership and one which continues to impress.”

The new wordmark retains the double Gs of the previous edition, but interlocks them and introduces a light blue to the colour palette. The typeface is lighter and now a sans serif, giving the brand a more modern feel.

Photography of the food itself is dazzling and colourful and complemented nicely with black and white images of ingredients and of weddings at which Galloping Gourmet is a supplier. Sedley Place also worked on new menus and materials for Galloping Gourmet’s partner venues. The brand repositioning will continue over the next year.