• Transform magazine
  • April 24, 2019



Tech and luxury brands show their strength in Global 500


One is an Italian heritage brand with strong global recognition, a limited consumer base and a small number of brand extensions. The other is an American digital giant with strong market penetration, a huge consumer base and...

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FutureBrand Index examines brands that stand the test of time


Achieving timelessness is a challenge for people and brands alike. Targeting well-informed and ethically-driven Millennials, a sense of purpose along with a unique brand experience are two key factors in determining the lifes...

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Apple, Lego and PlayStation top ‘most relevant brands’ ranking

apple store.JPG

To determine the most relevant brands to people’s lives, Prophet conducted a survey where 11,500 UK consumers were asked about more than 240 brands across 27 industries. The relevance of each brand was estimated based on four...

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Chinese brands grow total brand value by record amount


China has become one of the most competitive markets in the world with its brands having an exponential rise of 271% in value over the past five years, establishing a reputable presence in the global markets. With many compan...

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Once upon a brand story


The concept of storytelling is used by brands to signify that their brand communications are defined by an overall strategy with clear objectives. With the rise of the use of ‘st...

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Top ranked global brands

Shot on iphone 6.jpg

In Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, tech companies dominated once again with tech brands comprising more than a third of the entire ranking’s value and Google and Apple retaining the top two spots....

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Tech companies are China’s most valuable brands


Tencent, an internet service company, has been ranked China’s most valuable brand of 2015. The newly listed online retailer, Alibaba, has rocketed straight to number two in The 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2015 rankings, ahead of China...

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Index evaluates brand strength of top companies


The FutureBrand Index has named Google the strongest company brand in 2014. The FutureBrand Index adds another dimension to the Global Top 100 Companies. It goes beyond financial value alone and measures brand strength through research con...

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