• Transform magazine
  • October 15, 2019


Mitsubishi subsidiary rebrands in pursuit of the impossible

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Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America (MTPA) commits to helping people with ALS every day. Following the launch of its groundbreaking ALS treatment, the company wanted to build a stronger corporate culture to create trust in their stakeholders. Creative agency Brandpie has helped them put together a new identity, framed on the ‘pursuit of the impossible.’

To drive a new phase in the company’s growth, MTPA has launched a bold identity building on the importance of scientific breakthroughs, to inspire trust and tell the company’s story. MTPA is committed to helping people who struggle with debilitating diseases on a daily basis, and the new identity looks for a connection between the business and the patients themselves, by employing engaging storytelling and emotional stories.

MTPA’s refreshed identity repositions the company as a strong and confident medical business, using storytelling to engage the audience with purpose. Although more traditional and standardised when compared to other competitors – such as One Medical’s recent rebrand – MTPA’s new design is modern, bright and digital, and it successfully manages to convey the company’s professional and medical competence.

MTPA’s new positioning moves it closer to the audience, showing care, empathy and passion for worldwide human issues, and emphasising brand purpose. It bridges the gap between patients and science, a fundamental move to inspire trust in prospective customers and supporters.

The choice of a blue identity inspires calm reliability and makes a bold statement. Committed to the constant pursuit of the impossible and to breakthrough science discovery, MTPA wishes to address the unmet ALS patients’ medical needs, by tackling challenges in science and medicine every day. Brandpie’s new brand, including a film and several applications, conveys responsibility and reliability, while taking the viewer by hand with firm confidence.

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