• Transform magazine
  • October 15, 2019


Been A Slice beer turns wasted food into raised glasses

  • BeenASlice Can Front HIRES.jpeg
  • BeenASlice ConceptBoard.jpeg

In an effort to reduce the impact of wasted food in Canada, Second Harvest has partnered with ad agency Bob’s Your Uncle to launch a new product, a beer made from discarded bread.

Every year, Canada wastes more than 50% of the food it produces. Food rescue charity Second Harvest works to reduce wasted food around the country, but it needed to increase consumer engagement to amplify the reach of its efforts. Second Harvest has launched a beer made from wasted bread, ‘Been A Slice,’ which is aiming to escalate the food waste conversation on a global scale.

Been A Slice tells a story of repurposing food waste for a new objective, turning it into an enjoyable product in several locations across Canada. Been A Slice’s design feels fresh, colourful and energetic, and has a clear and definite identity pulling fun out of a negative situation while placing the spotlight on a prominent social issue.

Bob’s Your Uncle’s aim was to create an enjoyable and sociable product, through a brand deeply involved with the communities where Second Harvest operates. It took a year and several partnerships to craft the final taste of the beer, but the results have echoed through extensive media coverage all across the globe, amplifying the exposure of the food waste conversation.

Been A Slice is an attempt to shift the global interest towards sustainability and humanitarian issues. Second Harvest’s idea is an example to emulate, a fresh thought showing the power of creativity in context.

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