• Transform magazine
  • March 25, 2019


Peter Dinklage teams up with Estrella for sun and brand strategy


Beginning on a bicycle on an Amsterdam canal before travelling to a Dodge Charger in gritty downtown LA and then on to a boat by the sparkling city of Barcelona, a short film released by Estrella Damm seeks to capture some of the Mediterranean lifestyle on screen. The film, La Nuestra Vida – or ‘Our Life’ – features Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage as a tough, suave PI in Los Angeles and Álvaro Cervantes as a lonely Spanish ex-pat living in the Dutch capital.

The film dramatises Cervantes’ relationships with his friend and ex-girlfriend before Dinklage steps in to help him regain his sense of self and ability to live his life to the fullest once again. Capturing the emotion of loneliness, love, breakups and the pursuit of dreams, the 16-minute film packs a lot in. It also helps Estrella Damm express some of its brand positioning, particularly around being a Mediterranean brand.

“Our goal with these short films is to bring to life the Mediterranean lifestyle. We want to portray the Mediterranean more like a lifestyle; representing an attitude. It’s about enjoying the little things, appreciating friendships, daring to live life, letting go of what is stopping you from being happy,” says Anna Ferrer Magrià, brand manager at S.A. Damm.

The film was launched on 2 May in London as part of a large scale brand awareness and advertising campaign that will continue throughout the UK. But the focus on video content is not new to Estrella. It has worked on two other short films since 2016 to impart its messaging in an engaging and emotionally connective way.

The immersive brand launch echoed the changing locations within the film, reflecting one of Estrella’s strategic brand objectives of focusing more on experiences. “Nowadays, people just won’t like you or buy you if you don’t include them. They need to feel part of what the brand does,” says Magrià. “For us, it’s very important that consumers feel like we’re an easy brand to talk to and engage with us.” For that reason, Estrella has partnered with Luna Cinema – the outdoor cinema organisation – in the UK, a partnership that is expanding. Because of the aligning brand values, centred around experiences and cinematography, Estrella and Luna Cinema are working to enhance their partnership for the long term.

“We want to tell people that the Mediterranean is not only summer, sunshine, sea and holidays,” Magrià says. Through an outdoor cinema showing and a cold bottle of Barcelona’s finest, Estrella is working to bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to the UK, despite the clouds.