• Transform magazine
  • September 17, 2019


Periods, repackaged

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From surfer slang to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless to cartoon character Betty Boop, the name ‘Betty’ has become associated with femininity. Now in the UK, it’s becoming associated with feminine hygiene.

It’s a Monthly Thing, a feminine hygiene company that owns adult-targeted subscription box Pink Parcel and teen period information brand Betty, has launched a period subscription box designed for teenagers. Accompanying Betty and BettyBox is a brand that screams fun – not the typical approach for a feminine hygiene brand.

With bright reds and yellows, a strong magenta and a range or purples and turquoises, the brand is sure to stand out. But it also achieves a certain femininity without overly pandering to clichés of ‘girliness.’ Crafted by London agency Straight Forward Design, the brand also uses positive language and a straightforward approach to periods, hygiene, the product itself and health and wellness.

Online, this translates in a spray of colour, fun graphics and a tampon-shaped cursor. The agency wanted to ensure Betty had a positive positioning that would help provide information and reassurance about puberty, alongside effective hygiene products for teens. “You rarely get to work on something that is going to have such a positive impact on the end consumer. We’ve had great feedback from girls on social media saying how much betty has improved their lives,” says Mike Foster, creative director at Straight Forward Design.

But the challenge was in creating something that parents could engage with as well as their teen daughters. Thus, the outside of the BettyBox packs talk practicalities: size, fit, material and price. But the inside has a fun, bright and cheerful attitude aimed at teens. The product range is made navigable by different geometric patterns and colours making it easy to identify each product. “This project is about helping girls take charge of their lives as they move into womanhood. The brand and communications strategy totally takes the fear out of what can be a confusing time and makes it about girls sharing experiences and supporting each other,” says Amanda Hollwey, acting head of performance marketing at Betty.

Feminine hygiene subscription boxes have become more popular, with each taking a different approach to the target audience of women. But BettyBox’s approach toward young teenagers manages to mix in a bit of fun, and a comforting tone of voice, with its product.

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