• Transform magazine
  • June 19, 2018


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A recent merger between FMC Technologies and Technip sees the blossoming of newly unified company, TechnipFMC. The original companies provided oil service equipment and project management services in the oilfield industry respectively; now two combine as one. And, in a sector fraught with negative press attention as well as political and environmental pressure, the development of a strong brand is essential for longevity and a positive corporate reputation.

This responsibility fell to Lippincott, an international creative consultancy with almost 80 years worth of experience in brand innovation. Taking the external pressure facing the oil and gas industry as inspiration, Lippincott designed a logotype and brand strategy poised to place TechnipFMC as a leader in the field of non-renewables.

Vice president of corporate communication at TechnipFMC, Christophe Belorgeot, says, “The purpose and brand that we have created with Lippincott is the platform for the future success of our company and will help to engage all our colleagues in reinforcing our leadership in the market.”

It is hoped the merger, which was announced in May 2016, will increase efficiency for TechnipFMC, a vital consideration in a sector facing environmental pressure to reduce emissions. Lower costs should also occur through the increased amount of people qualified to problem solve and manage solutions; Lippincott’s updated brand designs reflect TechnipFMC’s continual strive for innovation.

Lee Coomber, lead designer and creative director EMEA of Lippincott, says, “We worked with Technip and FMC Technologies to reflect their ambitions with a bold vision, engaging purpose and progressive identity. The entire brand system reflects and supports the company’s new aspirations and integrated offering.”

Lisa Albiston, vice president marketing communications of TechnipFMC comments “Our vision is the result of collaborative work between our executive leadership and Lippincott, that explicitly reflects our aspiration to enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry and sets the direction for how we want to lead the change.”

Although driven by client commitment, TechnipFMC’s 44,000 employees will be made to feel united under its renewed brand. The strategy brought to the new TechnipFMC brand by Lippincott challenges the well-worn visual identities and colour palettes so often delivered throughout the energy sector.