• Transform magazine
  • April 27, 2018


Modern and traditional melt into one in chocolate branding

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Many things that were popular in the past, become so again decades later. That’s why once-trendy shoes shouldn’t be given away without a thought for the future. For British confectionery, beloved brands of the past often carry a devoted following into future decades.

Rowntrees still sells its Fruit Pastilles in every supermarket and Bassett’s liquorice allsorts are still a popular choice, even sherbet is having its revival through the power of nostaliga.

Now, 116 year-old heritage brand Paynes is looking to the future with a new range and new visual identity. The confectioner, known for its Paynes Poppets and their iconic corner-tear boxes is now part of Raiso plc, a Finnish food company, under the Big Bear Confectionery portfolio.  

Leicester-based design agency Stocks Taylor Benson was tasked with the job of taking a new line of sweets – based on founder George Payne’s initial idea for the confectionery – and differentiating it with colourful, modern packaging. The result is a retro-cool line that uses the traditional Paynes all caps, serif wordmark alongside horizontal stripes and retro hand drawings.

The tone of voice for the new brand focuses on Payne’s vision for a Victorian-era tea and coffee house-turned confectioner. Victorian sketches and a short explanation of the history of Paynes accompany the strapline from the original chocolate bar on the new packaging. And, the bar code on every package features melting drops of chocolate to further emphasise Paynes’ origins.

“We wanted a particular ‘feel’ for this pack that communicated heritage and premium credentials whilst still not alienating our core consumers who have come to expect exceptional value from our brands,” says Ross Stanley, marketing manager at Big Bear Confectionery. “I believe that between [Stocks Taylor Benson and Big Bear] we have achieved the objectives that we set out.”

Big Bear Confectionery’s portfolio includes other vintage favourites like Mint Imperials and Fox’s Glacier Mints.