• Transform magazine
  • June 19, 2018


Eastbound for employer brand

EBMA pic2.jpg

Attracting top talent, ensuring low staff turnover and building a strong relationship with alumni are all signs of a comprehensive and distinctive employer brand. The best employers go above and beyond to set themselves apart from their peers but until last year, there was no recognition for the best campaigns and strategies that make up the employer brand process

In line with this, recognising the employer brand globally forms a major part of the employer brand management awards, and as December 2016’s conference sought to establish, achieving ubiquity across each platform manifests itself in the acceptance of change. With that in mind, EBMA announces its launch in the Middle East and North Africa, with the upcoming programme set to benchmark premier employer branding in the region.

Turning the focus to MENA, the awards fall in line with Transform’s developing presence in the region. With 2017 bringing the fourth annual Transform Awards MENA, the growth and engagement with brand strategy and company development has seen new heights throughout the diverse landscape. For the employer brand management awards MENA, categories will include ‘Best communication of the employer brand to the external audience’ and ‘Best creative execution of the employer brand’, along with the Grand Prix awarded at the end of the night.

With MENA’s growth second to none, sectors continue to progress throughout each country. Honouring this, the awards aim to follow the structure of Transform’s ongoing programmes, recognising varying industries from charities and NGO’s to retail and technology. Along with this, awarding excellence in employer branding remains crucial to the development of such sectors.

For further information about the awards, contact Michelle Kibble or call +44207 498 7008. To be the first to receive event updates on the awards programme, register here.