• Transform magazine
  • September 20, 2019


Fitness First rebrand evolves with new digital platform

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Earlier this year, formerly-middling gym brand Fitness First launched a fitness and brand revolution that has drastically reimagined the way in which a gym thinks about exercise. With detailed research into the psychology of exercise, Fitness First, and it’s branding partner the Clearing, were able to redevelop the ethos and interior spaces of the company’s stable of fitness centres. What’s happened since has been more of an evolutionary process.

The new branding puts emphasis on the fact that people want to know what their exercise is doing for them and want information on how to exercise effectively. This relies strongly on technology. The new Fitness First centres will have wifi and interactive screens available to guide people through their fitness regimens. That development has been supported by the recent launch of the brand’s new digital assets.

Fitness First worked with Tribal Worldwide, a London-based digital agency, to launch the new website. The Clearing’s visual work, which allowed for a punchy, sporty look in the clubs and in marketing materials, translates well to the new site as it keeps the visual and verbal language simple and direct.

David Langridge, Group Marketing Director, Fitness First said: “Our new site provides members with a seamless, more user-friendly experience, fully embodying our new brand. We want to be the fitness leaders and that means to lead the industry in everything we do. We will soon herald a whole new digital era with our connected fitness experience for members, building their confidence wherever they are. This will complement our staff expertise, new clubs and workouts. We worked together with Tribal Worldwide, London as they had the right expertise and shared the same digital vision.”

During the rebrand, Fitness First found that those who interact with their fitness club via digital platforms are both more engaged and effective exercisers and are more likely to remain with the club. In fact, 72% of those who open emails from their fitness centre will never leave.

The new platform, which is responsive for use on mobile devices, allows for ease of booking and scheduling as well as provides users with support and information for use during their workout.