• Transform magazine
  • December 15, 2018


Stephanie Adams

Type foundry puts its best feet forward with new serif typefaces


Not long ago, web designers were confined to a handful of safe typefaces – safe in that they remained clear and legible in all major browsers. Needing to complement logotypes and align with brand guides digitally and in print,...

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Invest Lithuania showcases beauty and brains

Įvaizdinė Youtube thumb.png

After declaring its capital Vilnius the ‘G-Spot of Europe’ for tourists, Invest Lithuania is making sure the world knows it’s open for business as well as pleasure with its ‘Best Employee in the World’ campaign....

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Profitability and popularity don’t always go in hand, according to research


Cadbury, Dove and Dyson have at least one thing in common: they are the only brands each ranking in the top 50 of three different UK brand value indexes. Global branding strategy firm Prophet, London-based market research firm...

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Québec City rebrands as key North American destination


There have been a series of Canadian city rebrands in the last several years. In 2017, the City of Vancouver attempted to rebrand to the derision and ire of many, only to abandon its plans at the outcry in early 2018. In 2017,...

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Google Maps rebrands neighbourhoods for unknown reasons


Places might not be where they seem to be – at least not according to Google. On Google Maps, some people have begun to discover that the neighbourhoods they think they know are called something else entirely, online....

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Kerning the Gap puts female designers on track through mentorship


Tomorrow, a year-long mentorship program for female designers is being launched by Kerning the Gap, a network dedicated to furthering gender equality in the design industry. It is the third such program put on by the organisat...

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BBC Creative and Superunion launch new idents for BBC Two


In the first refresh of BBC Two for 20 years, BBC Creative is continuing the rollout of its new brand, alongside Superunion. The result conveys a clear attention to detail on a variety of subjects, complimenting the station’s...

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Radio 1 rebrands to reconcile heritage with a modern audience


BBC Radio 1 is getting older while its audience stays the same age: enter Mother Design for a branding facelift. At 51, BB...

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Vero rockets into the world of social media


Vero has blown up this week. In a number of days, the social media platform has grown to over 3 million users. With little history, users have signed up to the dream of a ‘better Instagram’ and its brand identity has helped se...

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BBC Creative hits new stride

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.45.57 PM.png

Two years after the BBC launched BBC Creative, the corporation’s in-house agency is hitting its stride. Starting in 2005, the BBC had been contracting out its trails, idents and grap...

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