• Transform magazine
  • October 15, 2019


Valmarc rebrand innovates data intelligence with insight


Differentiation and identity are the new keywords in Valmarc’s 360-degrees rebrand, conceived to emphasise the company’s mission and the strength of its products.

When tech company Valmarc called Boston-based branding agency Stratabeat for an overall refresh, its identity was tired and outdated, despite the strength of its software products. It used to wrap all of its statements in technical terms, watering its identity in technicalities and an anonymous brand voice. The agency has guided Valmarc through a full, 360-degrees rebrand, from name to website, from logo to marketing collateral, aiming for a clearer and more distinctive brand voice.

Valmarc has developed technology that can identify counterfeit retailers globally – a goldmine for intellectual property – suggesting a company on the cutting edge of technology, which was not reflected by the brand built over the years. In the past, Valmarc has pioneered the conception of 2D barcodes, which led to the introduction of QR codes all around the world; they are not new to innovation and data intelligence. Before Stratabeat’s rebrand, however, the company’s voice was too focused on its products and less on their impact on actual consumers, which suggested an anonymous voice and brand identity.

Following the agency’s advice, Valmarc has since adopted a new name: Vi3, standing for ‘innovation, intelligence, insight.’ Stratabeat has led a full website restyle, aiming for clarity of exposition and introducing a colourful design identity, which now emphasises the company’s mission, main clients, products and achievements with engaging language. The new website, colourful and energetic, employs pictures, illustrations and icons to engage the viewer, whilst showcasing the company’s voice and achievements in plain sight on a modern web page. Blue and yellow, the colours of cheerfulness and knowledge, now dominate across all of the company’s assets and collateral, suggesting confidence and warmth to prospective customers.

Vi3’s new brand is modern, vibrant and lively, colourful enough to engage viewers who visit the website and clear enough to lead them deeper into the company’s products. Keenly, it also places the company in a position of advantage over its competitors, ditching all of the technospeak to focus on the real benefits of its software solutions.

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