• Transform magazine
  • September 20, 2019


Report shows how to regain brand strength after a downfall


Brands struggle to maintain their brand strength and relevance over a long period of time, report shows. But there seems to be a solution to the issue.

Growth is vital for any business trying to thrive, but it is also any business’ biggest challenge. A new survey, carried out by creative branding and communications agency Our Design Agency, shows several companies of any size suffering from a lack of momentum, and most of them struggle to keep their brand strength consistent over a long period of time. 

ODA’s research shows that brands may feel weakened due to major changes (such as a takeover), but most of them fear irrelevance. “More than 40% of the research respondents feel they are not innovating enough,” ODA creative strategist Sarah Westwood says. “This suggests that there are plenty of companies out there who feel stuck – but don’t necessarily know what to do about it.”

The report features advice on how to regain vigour, which can be achieved with strategies connected to branding. It details the story of a number of companies that, with ODA’s help, managed to regain their strength and move forward with renewed energy. Life sciences firm Volition, for instance, managed to identify its problem in the discrepancy between their rather detached public face and the warm and caring personality at the heart of the company.

Agencies like ODA can provide solutions for businesses looking to regain their strength. “Our message is that you’re not alone,” Westwood adds. “There are steps any business can take to regain lost momentum. Taking these steps will help to reinvigorate your brand, it will galvanise your people, and it will inject fresh energy into everything you do.”