• Transform magazine
  • March 22, 2019


Foodpanda delivers neon pink rebrand

Foodpanda.png (1)

Singapore-based food delivery service foodpanda has recently undergone a rebrand in an attempt to stand out from competitors and local cityscapes.

The company, which was acquired by Delivery Hero in December 2016, has over 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 countries throughout Asia and Central Europe.

 Following the acquisition, Delivery Hero made the decision to change all of foodpanda’s branding from orange to neon pink, with pink driver shirts, delivery bags, and store identifier stickers being sent out in the thousands. Pink is the signature colour of foodpanda’s sister company, Foodora, and the company believes that it will help foodpanda stand out from competitors such as HonestBee and Uber Eats. Laura Kantor, foodpanda’s head of marketing, also explains, “Pink will be a strong differentiator for foodpanda to stand out in markets in which orange is used extensively throughout the cities’ landscapes.”

The company’s signature panda face logo has also had an update. The panda now appears rounder, simpler, and, like many of its competitors, duotone. The logo’s accompanying wordmark is also thinner and more geometric than its predecessor, giving a more modern appearance to the brand.

Foodpanda, alongside its rebrand, has upgraded its app and front end to include new features such as live order tracking. These new upgrades are beginning to roll out globally in over 190 cities.

Foodpanda have also launched “The First Bite” campaign, a campaign aimed toward the 64% of people worldwide that believe the first bite is the best moment of one’s food experience. The campaign features consumers taking their first bite of food. This moment is captured in front of a simple, solid background that allows viewers to focus on the food and facial expressions. “Every interaction with food is a delight,” says Julian Dames, Global CMO at foodpanda, “but there is something about that very first bite that makes the experience all the greater, and we wanted to portray just that.” The tagline “take the first bite” accompanies the advertisements.

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