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  • September 17, 2019


ClassPass takes a step forward with redesign


With trends such as pilates and cycling rising in popularity, businesses continue to capitalise on the fitness sector by introducing classes such as Soul Cycle and Pure Barre, fitness health clubs and trendy boutique studios.

ClassPass, established when founder and executive chairman Payal Kadakia spent over an hour searching online for an open ballet class in New York City, aims to streamline the process of booking a fitness class by providing users with a search engine and reservation system that gives access to 8,500 health clubs across 49 cities.

Having stumbled upon a niche in the industry, Kadakia was struck with the idea to design a platform that connects its users with thousands of fitness classes at discounted prices. Today, ClassPass is the world’s largest health club aggregator. After five years of connecting its users with workouts, the company, in an effort to align its visual identity with its original mission, has redesigned the ClassPass brand.  

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based design studio Triboro, ClassPass has introduced a clean and bold graphic that transitions the brand into a new era. White it retains its minimalist approach, the new logo is an upgrade from its former design. Prior to its rebrand, ClassPass’ logo consisted of nothing more than the letter ‘C’ glowing in a gradient of turquoise and ultramarine against a navy blue background.

The redesign features a new custom typeface called Circuit and a logo that abstractly blends the letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ in an upward and forward motion. Looking towards the company’s purpose for inspiration, Circuit was designed as a rounded and sporty font. The new logo takes its design a step forward and utilises a distortion effect that brings the graphic forward and resembles the motion of a StairMaster.

Creative director at ClassPass Greg Hathaway says, “We streamlined design throughout our product. We captured new photography and video for campaigns and projects — all in an effort to make this brand as vibrant and full of life as our customers are on the platform. At its best, the new ClassPass brand celebrates the way you push yourself every time you press ‘book.’ And with all this work, we want you to feel inspired — inspired to do things, to try new things, to find your thing.”

According to Hathaway, the brand intends to not only help its users book a workout, but it also wants to serve as a tool that inspires and motivates. While the brand has had a strong foundation of support and organic growth from its very beginning, it now looks to update its brand language and voice to further expand its audience. Placing connection at the heart of its mission, ClassPass’ new graphic is a clean and bold redesign that transitions the brand into a new era.

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