• Transform magazine
  • March 22, 2019


Atlantic Media Strategies rebrands as Atlantic 57

Atlantic 57.png

The Atlantic magazine’s creative consultancy company, Atlantic Media Strategies, is starting 2018 by rebranding itself under the new name Atlantic 57.

Founded in 1857 (an inspiration for the consultancy service’s new name), The Atlantic has become one of the foremost political magazines in the world. It has successfully navigated the transition from print to digital, with a digital-only strategy being implemented in 2008, and it has successfully created several brand extensions, which serve to expand The Atlantic’s reach and success.

One of these brand extensions is Atlantic 57. Atlantic 57 takes on The Atlantic’s message of forward thinking and applies it to their clients and strategies. The company is optimistic that their new identity will help them similarly move forward into a new digital era and continue to prosper in the coming years.

“Atlantic 57 reflects our editorial heritage, our growth as an agency, and our plans for the future,” says Cowgill. “We love our new name because it enables us … to continue to adapt and grow as well.”

The company’s new wordmark will adopt its parent company’s iconic black-and-white, italicised typeface for “Atlantic” and has a retro 1920s-inspired typeface for the '57.' This aligns the company’s brand more closely with The Atlantic than its previous wordmark, which featured a sans serif font in various shades of grey.

Their website has also had a revamp, with a more seamless UX and prominent advertising of their rebranding. Bold, colourful banners paired with monochromatic backgrounds and text serve to make the website more contemporary and “fresh”, pairing well with their new identity.

Developed in 2012, Atlantic 57 was created as a response to the success of The Atlantic’s digital-first strategy implementation and the resulting press. According to Atlantic 57’s president, Jean Ellen Cowgill, companies began approaching The Atlantic and asking for advice on how to achieve similar success. 

The consulting service is now the fastest-growing section of The Atlantic’s business, and it employs more than 50 editors, designers, researchers, and marketers. It has achieved 25% revenue growth every year for the past 3 years, and the company believed it needed a fresh new identity to maintain its success in the digital space.

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