• Transform magazine
  • August 18, 2019


Time for some TLC

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Drastically transforming one’s appearance, while desirable, is often met with worry as it can be seen as masking or even altering the personality of the individual. The Lovely Clinic, a new cosmetic surgery clinic, hopes to change this perception with a brand launch designed by SomeOne.

SomeOne has created a new brand identity for The Lovely Clinic, the Chelsea-based surgery brand founded by Dr. Sarah Tonks.

From a traditional surgical background, and with degrees in both medicine and dentistry, Tonks established TLC to offer clients non-surgical aesthetic treatments with her passion for holistic and natural therapies.

The brand’s strapline – ‘It’s you, just lovelier’ – informs the visual identity and reflects the practitioner’s cautious approach to cosmetic surgery.

This has inspired SomeOne’s unconventional approach to the clinic’s visual brand identity which features a paint system, representing the “enhancing” nature of Tonks’ work.

“We centred on the visual theme of paint — globally recognised as a way of either enhancing the existing — or a way of working with basic elements to create something astonishing,” says senior designer, Tom Myers.

The Lovely Clinic brand launches spring 2017.