• Transform magazine
  • July 16, 2018


SurveyMonkey rebrands for the future

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Since 2016, SurveyMonkey has been reconsidering its brand positioning. The reflection phase resulted in a rebrand that includes a new logo and a new mission, 'Power the curious.' The company also presented new products and sports celebrity Serena Williams joined its board.

In 2015, SurveyMonkey's CEO and leader Dave Goldberg died and his position was taken by Hewlett-Packard executive Bill Veghte, who was soon replaced by Zander Lurie, current CEO. In 2016, the company predicted Hillary Clinton would become the U.S. president and the day before Brexit referendum it predicted a slight advantage for the Remain vote.

SurveyMonkey went through a deep rebranding and changed its mission to 'Power the Curious.' In the heart of the renovation lies an approach based on deep learning: the combination of survey data and machine learning algorithms to identify reasons behind answers.

The head of brand planning at Eleven, the agency who worked with SurveyMonkey in the new image, Orit Peleg says, “When we were going through the branding exercise, we discovered that curiosity is considered an important form of currency for the future. We leveraged this learning when developing and expressing the new SurveyMonkey “Power the Curious” mission to help bring the company into the future. From there we made sure that the same sense of inquisitive energy was reflected in all of the new visual identity design elements.”

SurveyMonkey and Eleven decided the monkey had to stay in the logo but it was slightly modified. Its hair was repositioned to form a checkmark.

Matt Wakeman, creative director of Eleven says, “In terms of the broader visual identity, we asked ourselves what does curiosity look and feel like? How can it be captured and brought to life? The culture at SurveyMonkey is both smart and analytical, while also playful and clever. This personality, represented by the monkey, is captured in vibrant photography of The Curious, intriguing objects, and dynamic secondary infographics that highlight unexpected statistics and findings, to spark intrigue and exploration.”

Sun Lee, VP of brand experience at SurveyMonkey, adds, "In the new look and feel we wanted to bring curiosity to life with nimble copy, vivid photography, and a bright color palette that represents SurveyMonkey’s brand personality: inquisitive, smart, supportive, playful.”