• Transform magazine
  • August 18, 2019


Global cheese brand Castello launches new packaging

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In Europe and around the world, the festive period is about fun, family, friends and generally having a good time. For many people, it’s also about cheese. Cheeseboards abound in supermarket aisles, boxed Stilton emerges from the back of cupboards; restaurant patrons can’t move for baked camembert or themed bars selling Swiss-style fondue.

Fittingly, global cheese brand Castello, subsidiary of dairy company Arla Foods, has recently unveiled a new visual identity. Led by international brand and packaging agency Bulletproof, the rebrand aims to deliver greater brand consistency among Castello’s cheese products.

The rebrand follows a recognition that the Castello brand had become fragmented, no longer reflecting Castello’s historically creative approach to cheesemaking. For Bulletproof, the lack of innovation in the brand’s visual identity provided the perfect opportunity to revamp Castello in an ever-challenging category. “While the Castello portfolio had grown over the years, the packaging itself had remained the same for some time,” says Bulletproof. “We saw an opportunity to create something bold and unexpected – both for the brand and for the category itself.”

Beginning with Castello’s disparate brand architecture and taking inspiration from its ‘Creatively crafted’ brand position, Bulletproof unites the Castello brand under a sophisticated and dynamic sash device. Consistent and ownable, the deep blue sash ties Castello’s variety of cheeses and flavours under the parent brand, communicating the high-quality craftsmanship that informs each product.

“Within the sash, the refreshed Castello crest creates a master brand presence that’s cleaner and more contemporary, while an updated flavour indicator makes it easier for consumers to navigate the range by strength and taste,” says Bulletproof.

Lorenza Marzocchi, global senior brand manager for Castello Cheese at Arla Foods, says, “With 125 years of heritage, an expanding portfolio and targets for continued global brand growth, the brief to redesign the Castello range wasn’t an easy one. [But] its rigorous strategic thinking laid the foundation for an inspired pack design which strengthens our presence in the cheese aisle, unites our varied range and captures our most unique brand asset – the taste experience of our cheeses.”

Bulletproof continues, “With taste experience our key benefit, we then created a range of evocative patterns and colourways, each one designed to evoke the sensorial taste experience of the cheese – whether smooth, sharp, creamy or crumbly – with product names styled to complement and further convey the taste profile.”

As for the actual cheese, its new packaging almost takes centre stage. “The finishing touch is new product photography, shot to feel indulgent and flavourful, but with a deliberate simplicity that allows the design to shine,” says Bulletproof. Ultimately, the agency’s unique colour-led strategy and artisanal design has created a product with the ability to stand out on the shelf in a competitive, exciting category. Cheese is a historic and popular food; the new packaging is sure to ensure Castello’s longevity.