• Transform magazine
  • July 17, 2019


De Beers Group rebrands to gain new identity

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De Beers Group, the international corporation that specialises in diamonds, recently rebranded with Pope + Wainwright after a 2017 corporate change. De Beers Companies which only owned a 50% share in De Beers Jewellers bought out LVMH’s stake.

The brand wished to gain a timeless look alongside while uniting De Beers Companies with the recently bought De Beers Jewellers. With this rebrand, Pope + Wainwright accomplished a simplified and modern look for the De Beers Group, together with uniting the two companies.

The new strapline, ‘forever’ is inspired by the brand’s tagline, ‘A diamond is forever’. The rebranded logo is in the shape of a roundel, which contributes to the ‘forever’ symbol the brand is focusing on. De Beers Group was satisfied with Pope&Wainwright’s work on the rebrand, and De Beers Group EVP corporate affairs adds, “We produce our best results when we have Pope + Wainwright working with us around the table”.

 De Beers Group was founded in 1888, and has played an essential part of the diamond industry. This is just the latest change in the brand’s more than 100 years on the market.