• Transform magazine
  • June 20, 2019


Animal charity Battersea modernises image with adaptable rebrand

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Battersea, the dogs and cats charity active for 158 years in the UK has launched a new visual identity. Despite its substantial growth across the years, which has led to it caring for approximately 3m pets, its outdated approach to communications and branding made a change a necessity.

Design studio Pentagram collaborated with the charity to come up with a brand approach, tone of voice and visual identity that shows Battersea as both a caregiver and a professional company.

The charity has changed names throughout the years, with the most recent being the ‘Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.’ The word ‘home’ however represented something too permanent for the charity’s liking, which promotes adoption, and could be also perceived as a single location. Because of this, Pentagram decided to drop the name from the majority of communications.

Instead, Pentagram turned the focus on Battersea’s devotion to animal care and came up with a slogan that showcases that, ‘Here for every dog and cat.’   Pentagram was cautious for the branding not to resort to shock value or overly emotional language, and instead opted for an honest, straightforward and upbeat approach.

The new visual identity features hand-drawn watercolour illustrations of five dogs and five cats while maintaining Battersea’s signature blue colour palette, allowing Battersea to have variety in its representation across all of its platforms. The kind and playful spirit communicated by the watercolour is balanced with a sharp Franklin Gothic wordmark, which makes it look more professional and imposing.  

When coming up with the new brand identity, adaptability based on the audience was a focal point due to the charity’s many public-facing programmes and fundraising initiatives that address different groups of people.  

Pentagram also produced and directed a new suite of photography to go along with the rebrand. The photography features the pets and the next chapter in their lives after Battersea, displaying pets finding their forever homes and living happily ever after.

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