• Transform magazine
  • July 16, 2018


A modern-bohemian brand for fashion-forward women

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A new vintage and sophisticated fashion label has opened in the UK. Hansine debuts with its summer collection, Hansine Beach, a contemporary reimagining of the holiday wardrobe.

Hansine is a brand founded by fashion journalist Hansine Johnston, a famous radio presenter of shows about travel and style trends in Switzerland. She took inspiration from her passion for these topics and her experiences at exotic beaches to start her own company.

London design agency Accept & Proceed was in charge of giving Hansine a visual identity based on vintage luggage labels and iconic imagery of travel and fashion from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The independent studio has been working for over 10 years on corporate identity, naming, brand strategy and art direction with brands local brands and such as Nike, Rapha and Almacantar.

Accept & Proceed created Hansine’s business cards, retail bags and labels, characterised by overlapping squares that represent the eclecticism of its sources of inspiration and can be seen also in designs and the company’s website. It also designed the visual language, digital and social presence, and participated in the art direction of a photo-shoot of the first collection, Hansine Beach. The challenge for Accept & Proceed was to reflect the luxury that differentiates Hansine from other brands while still reflecting Brazilian and Greek cultures, especially their art and architecture.

Hansine Johnston says, “My vision for Hansine was to create a modern, bohemian and luxurious collection imbued with my passions for travel, adventure, fashion and textiles. Accept & Proceed have taken all these elements and created a brand and identity that is contemporary, eclectic and inspired by the romance of travel, just like the garments themselves."