• Transform magazine
  • September 17, 2019


MoSEX reawakened


The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) in New York City has rebranded with bolder typefaces, framing erotic images relating to the history, science and culture of sex.

This revival hopes to reestablish the uniqueness and credibility of the museum, and reawaken sexual curiosity within visitors through the use of different aspects including art and fashion. 

Base Design agency was hired to strengthen the identity of the museum by creating an approach that “embraces the position of the museum as a more diverse, exploratory environment that pushes and changes boundaries”. The aim is to challenge the misconceptions the museum faces in regards to being a repository for pornography, while simultaneously showcasing the profundity of each exhibition. The updated identity will be used in advertising, internal and external signage and on the museum’s website. 

When it first emerged on Fifth Avenue in late 2002, the MoSEX focused on the preservation of the cultural history and evolution of human sexuality. It is currently still committed to the encouragement of public discourse surrounding sex and sexuality, as well as highlighting material and artefacts from various continents, cultures, time periods and medias. The addition of a storefront, floor and gallery spaces and a cafe-cocktail lounge encourages a full experience of the relationship between sex and all other aspects of life. 

The permanent collection hosts artefacts, photography, videos and historical ephemera that includes an additional research library as well as an extensive multimedia library of sexually-related content. Featured exhibitions, such as current “Splendor in the Grass: Kinesthetic Camping Ground” or the “Jump for Joy”, also stimulates interaction with varying immersive installations in order to heighten the perception of physicality between the visitor and the gallery.