• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2019


Putting the V in Voluntary


The UK not-for-profit sector’s governing body, the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), is repositioning itself as an icon for the voluntary sector with a brand that measures up to those of the big charities.

Two years ago, NCVO merged with Volunteering England, which caused a shift in the organisation’s mission. Before it even began the branding process with MultiAdaptor, a London-based branding agency, NCVO began to develop a new strategy. The new visual identity reflects a changed mission, vision and strategy.

Greg Lamyman, brand and publishing officer, NCVO, says, “MultiAdaptor were not only fantastic to work with but have created a powerful brand that will strengthen our role within the voluntary sector for many years to come. More importantly, they delivered impact without extravagance.”

Remaining cost effective is a key concern for NCVO due to the sector in which it operates and the gradual roll-out of the new brand will help to cut costs.

NCVO represents 11,000 member organisations, from big charities to grass-roots volunteers and is the largest body of it’s kind in the UK.


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