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  • January 26, 2022


Transform's Young Contenders MEA

Entry tips

It is worth noting that our judging panel will see many entries and yours will need to stand out from the pack. Using these tips will not guarantee success, but it will give your entry the best possible chance of making compelling reading for the judging panel.

If you have any questions about your submission, contact Beth, at bwilkie@transformmagazine.net. Download our entry and information guide here.


Entry style

  • Keep it simple! Our judges love entries which are simple, concise and a good read.
  • Whilst there are no constraints to your entry’s design and layout, our judges like a clear narrative, so make sure it’s easy to read.
  • The judges will be reading lots of entries – Make it an easy read and don’t over format.
  • Make sure all the information you include is relevant. Pull out your highlights.
  • Don’t ignore the word count. A few words over is fine, but many more may seem like you’re waffling.
  • Be yourself and show your passion!



  • Read and understand the question. Read it back and make sure it answers the question.
  • Whilst it may sound obvious, too many good entries continue to let themselves down through silly errors.
  • Check all organisations’ names are spelt correctly- typos will instantly establish the wrong impression.
  • Ensure links/videos have no expiry date and the login details have been supplied.
  • Do not submit entries with other organisations’ awards logos on them.
  • Take your time – don’t rush your entry.



  • Avoid it! Using unnecessary jargon to make your entry sound exciting, can make it seem vague and unclear.
  • Unexplained acronyms – you may understand them, but the judges may not.
  • Don’t waffle. Don’t waste words.


Supporting evidence

  • Support your entry with photos, videos, press cuttings, links.
  • Ensure the links work and provide any access passwords.
  • One of the mandatory questions, asks for testimonials. Feel free to add further endorsements in your supporting evidence.




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