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  • July 05, 2020



Covid19 policy

Cravenhill Publishing - Covid19 policy

The health of all those attending our award programmes is of utmost concern and our policy concerning Covid19 follows the guidance of the World Health Organisation, the Chief Medical Officer, Public Health England and their equivalent bodies in the countries that host our events. With their guidance in mind, we have tried to devise a policy that enables our events to take place in the most risk-free environment. Our policy covers the attendees of our events, the venues we use, and our own staff to make sure we have done everything we can to minimise all risks. We will continue to monitor official guidance, and we will update this policy accordingly.

From our attendees

  • We ask all those who have travelled from, within or through mainland China, Iran, Northern Italy, or South Korean special care zones to refrain from attending any Cravenhill Publishing event. 
  • We already ask of those who book tables or places at our events for details of their guests, and we are now asking additional questions about their recent travel.
  • We ask all attendees to refrain from kissing, shaking hands, or other forms of physical greeting. 

From our venues 

  • We ask our venues to ensure their staff have not travelled from, within or through mainland China, Iran, Northern Italy, or South Korean special care zones.
  • We have requested additional alcohol-based hand sanitiser to be placed in multiple locations throughout all venues. 
  • We have contingency venue plans in place should our first choice venues not meet our policy requirements. 

From our staff

  • Cravenhill Publishing staff have not visited China, Iran, South Korea and Northern Italy since the outbreak of Covid-19, and in line with current business best practice we continue a travel ban to these places.
  • Until further notice, all Cravenhill Publishing personnel will work separately and remotely for fifteen days prior to any event, to remove any possibility of intracompany infection.

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